Welcome to the Beaver Dam Hockey Association (BDHA) home page. We hope this Web page is informative and helpful to you. It is updated periodically so please check it often!

News & Updates:

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play_green_button.pngSign up now for BDHA 2015-16 Season!!

play_green_button.png Hockey Power Hour (6-week power skating clinic). Starts Sept. 12 from 3-4 pm. Sign up now!! Great way to get ready for the season!!

play_green_button.pngPlayer Evaluations will be held October 13, 15, 16, and 17 for the 2015-16 season. Check schedule for times. ADM Warm-Up Practices will run from September 29 to October 11. Great way to get ready for the season!!

play_green_button.png FREE Skating & Hockey Lessons -- Hockey 1 & 2: This is our introductory level learn to skate (Hockey 1) and learn to play hockey (Hockey 2) program.  For new and beginner skaters, boys & girls ages 3 and up. The next 7-week session starts Thursday, September 17th from 5:30-6:20. Click here for more information. Free! Invite your friends! Learn to skate - It's great! 

play_green_button.pngUSA Hockey SafeSport & ADM Programs

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Public Open Skates:

Public Open Skates are offered throughout the week. Great way to host a birthday party or family event. Check schedule here for dates and times. 

Adult Hockey:

Adult Open Hockey offered throughout the year. Check schedule here for dates and times.

Registration for ALL Hockey Programs

Register now for the 2013/2014 hockey season.  If you did not register with USA Hockey last year - or if you did not yet register with USA Hockey this year - this will need to be done first before you can successfully register of BDHA programs.

See details on our play_green_button.pngHOCKEY REGISTRATION page.


Skate Sharpening & Used Equipment

Skate Sharpening is available at the rink. You can purchase a card of 10 sharpenings for $25 or pay for each sharpening individually. Contact Opie about this at the rink or email him at  rnkmgr@bdfamilycenter.org.  We also now have a "Used Gear Store" at the rink in the skate room. If you want to donate any used gear you have laying around that would be greatly appreciated. This will also be a great place to purchase used gear for your skater!!